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I love his music for its messages and unique style. His videos are the best I've ever seen.
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My Thoughts About Anything:
Having been a fan of Michael since the days of the Jackson 5, I literally grew up with Michael, listened to music by the J5, and then of course "Thriller". I've always loved Michael, and have never believed any of the bad things that were said about him--none of which were true. As far as I am concerned, Michael never did anything to anyone.

If anyone took advantage of or mistreated anyone, it was the greedy, ignorant, prejudiced people of the world who did that to Michael.

The Visitor

I am alone in my room
light radiates from the television
I am focused on the screen.
Suddenly I feel...
...a kiss, soft and loving
...a gentle touch

I am alone

I close my eyes and focus
on the gentlness of the sensations
on the warmth

I sigh.

I wonder who is with me
I speak "Is that you, Michael?
...oh, I hope so. My love,
my sweet, sweet love."

I feel myself responding to the sensations...
I am alone
the room is quiet
my eyes are closed
my hands rest by my sides...

The Angel and His Light

In late summer of the year 1958,
the God of the universe sent an angel to
the planet called Earth
That little angel was called "Michael",
and he was sent to be a light to shine
in the darkest reaches of the souls of
Earth's inhabitants.

To spread His message throughout the
Earth, God gifted "little Michael" with kindness,
generosity, selflessness, LOVE, and an angelic
voice with which Michael spread the Heavenly
message of LOVE through music and song...

Over the years, little Michael grew and matured,
and when he was ready, the God who created him
sent Michael through out the world with a message of
L.O.V.E...using concert stages, television and radio as his podium.

God infused MIchael with an inner-light, unmistakeable
by all Michael came in contact with.
Most were receptive, and welcomed that light...
However, many others...infused with an inner-darkness
did not.

Those with inner-darkness seemed to hate Michael...though
it is unclear exactly why...but hate Michael they did none-the-less.
The hatred took many forms, and seemed to intensify as time
went on...until, one week in the summer of the year 2009,
those infused with inner-darkness devised a plan so sinister...
so evil...

...their plan...they thought would be so simple...bring an end to the
life of the angel known as Michael, and make it appear to be of his
own doing....bring an end to the life of the angel known as Michael,
and with that would come the silencing of his message... a message
which was actually from the God of the universe...And so, those
infused with inner-darkness implemented their plan...and, shortly
thereafter,on a Thursday, at mid-day, the angel known as "Michael" was gone...

...Gone...Gone much too soon... The time had not come for Michael to leave the Earth...
The God of the Universe had more for Michael to do...More music to create...
more LOVE to spread around the world, more inner-light to shine over the Earth.
"We want him GONE!" those with inner-darkness cried. "We want him FORGOTTEN"
"He is the one who is evil...not us!!!! "He is the one who destroys lives...not us!!!"
came the hateful words from their misinformed, darkened hearts...

Yes, the angel known as Michael was gone but would NEVER be FORGOTTEN
as long as those infused with the same Inner-light as Michael remained. These, the God of the Universe decided, would pick up where Michael left off,
and be led by Michael's LOVING spirit, and his example..
For those infused with inner-darkness, the God of the Universe had the following
message: As long as those remain who love me and my angel Michael,
and are willing to continue OUR work...This will NEVER be IT

The following poem is posted in honor of Michael on this Memorial Day weekend:


I feel as though I am in a battle.
A battle in which my beloved Michael engaged,
and in which he became a casualty.

I fight adversaries,
unseen, robed in darkness,
shrouded in evil, and armed
with weapons of hatred, lies,
ignorance, and the determination
to silence my beloved at any cost.

My adversaries mock me,
believing they have won.
Call me 'crazy', whisper
"You know we're right."
Try to deminish Michael in my eyes.
My adversaries are fools
My adversaries know not of what they speak.

I close my ears to the word of my adversaries,
and open my heart to Michael.
His voice fills my mind.
His spirit embraces my heart.
His presence keeps me going,
empowering me, arming me with love
--the greatest of all weapons.

At times, I still weep for my beloved Michael,
still greive his loss, and am aware of the void
which remains.
The tears which come now are different though,
not of sadness as before.
My tears now are of determination
determination to continue
where my beloved Michael left off.

posted by a proud eternal member of Michael's Army of L.O.V.E.