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What do you love most about Michael?:
=( His giving heart =)
Apart from absolutely every thing he did or said that is or not true. I love him for his music, for the way he danced, for the energy you feel from his songs even now that he passed. And you know what? I really could´nt care less about what people tells me about him. Junkie pedo, wacko jacco all that crap. People even asks me" how can you like this crazy pedo transvestite?, for what I know he must have been hermaphrodite, besides, he´s already dead... happily" And I just ignore them. Cause you know? Words may hit me but they can never defeat me. So whatever haters! Mj now and 4 ever!
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A bit of the MJ FB discussions I joined:
Mj and eating disorders was the topic
-Yeah? Well you know... I was thinking about this very same stuff a few weeks ago when I heard about some eating disorders he might have. i mean, I never saw him really fragile but I did noticed he seemed skinny - normal on some videos as well as scary - skinny on others. I mean, he was always skinny but I do believe he had some issues like JEEZ WHO DOESNT? If anything, it was meant to happen. They didnt "pay attention" or something and there is a reason for that to happen.Its destiny. It was his time to go, God knows what he does and KARMA will hit all the people who may have planned this and just everyone who deserve it.
Just thank God that he is no longer suffering. Let´s just celebrate he was or at least seemed to be happy after all. AFTER ALL. =`).

Kids cant lie?
"The theme talked about Mj molestation charges"
-Exactly! It´s like people believe 100% in them just because there kids. But PLEASE a kid could lie any day about anything. Not because a kid say´s "The pope just came over and we mayde brownies for Oprah" means any of this happend. It´s just sick how people prejudice Mj. Think about it, you´re young about 13 years old, by that time you ALREADY KNOW WHAT MOLESTING MEANS. But you have no idea what the world is about, what´s around or beneath it and how simple words can change how people seis someone. If you´re mom or dad asks you to say something like this, you know what it is about, but you trust you´re folks. How could they ever want to harm you or any one? Even worse to USE you to make "easy" money. So you agree to lie. You dont know how much you´re hurting the person you talk about. How he´s life is going to come down BECAUSE OF YOU. BECAUSE OF YOU´RE LIES. How you´re ruining a life. And they ruined Michael´s image world wide. Shame on you. Shaaaame. God knows the truth and KARMA IS A BITCH, you´ll get what you deserve,greedy liers.

What were u doing when Mj died?

Post #7You wroteon September 27, 2009 at 11:15am
I was at my house. I just camed back from a friends house were we played rock band and for some reason we played beat it about five times. I was sitting down for a while and my brother just rushed over the room and saiid -Michael Jackson... - he did this cutted throat mimmic. And I just could´nt believe him. I told him -yeah, right, you´re kidding me-. He told me check it on CNN. And so I did. They said, - Michael Jackson just died from a heart attack after being a a comma-. And still , I could´nt believe it. I checked the PC then. It was all over the internet. And I felt like crap. My father was at the living room laughing with the phone on his hands, his friend told him mj has died. He was nodding his head and giving a nervious laugh. And I just could´nt believe it. My friend sended me this message wich said Michael died and that I should´nt worry about that, life keeps on. And I still could´nt believe it. It was like if I was on a dream. A nightmare actually. It took me two days to really believe he had passed. The only moment I cryed, was when Paris camed up to the stage on the memorial and said how much he loved his dad. My brother who watched it with me had this look like - OMG I´m going to cry right now-. He never did though, he just had the look like.
It´s so unbelieveable. Sometimes I forget his actually gone, because I feel he is allways there when I listen to any of his songs. Apart from that, I get this weird feeling I didnt use to feel before when I think about his death. I can bearely breath and feel like crying. I never do it tough just that one time.
MJ molested Kids?
-I mean, the real question would be, do you believe on what he said? On what the very Usa justice department proved?
No reason why to argue, the question is already answered.

Mj needed a real friend:
-He needed a friend, like everyone in the world does. I mean people will allways talk rubish about Michael, you can always try to defend him, but at the end, ignorants just wont learn from they´re mistakes. People is mean and nasty, they talk without knowing the truth, without having facts to support what they´re saying or just because they want to talk crap. I mean, my family and friends dont talk about Mj as much as they would talk abput any one else you know? A "friend" of mine tells me I´m totally obsesed with Mj and to get over it, he´s dead I dont know stuff like that. And I dont pay attention, why should I? I know what the truth is, god knows, and Mj did as well, so all the comments people say, they pass through me like like wind on a summer day. I just let them talk, let them talk and talk because for me its just sense less to fight over something I´m never going to change my mind over or they either. Just, be truth to youre beliefs, try to show them the good side of Michael. And if they are too stubborn just let them talk.
What happened to Mj june 25?
-Mj died from a propofol over dose followed behind by many other drugs who were injected to his body previous hours before of his cardiac arrest. Conry Murray the greatest doctor who ever lived either did this on purpose or is just a negligent subcualified sucker who got this medic degree out of nowhere. What he did is not only medical negligence (wich is ilegal by the way) is also homicide. He should be in jail if not somewhere worse. I hope he gets what he deserves fast, because justice is meant to be for everyone. When Mj was acussed for the molesting charges the police were all over him like bubble gum on a shoe, and now that this assesin "accidentaly" overdoesed Mj body and did absolutely nothing useful to revive him did this, it´s like if nobody cared and he is aout there capable to kill every one he can just because he ahs a medical degree? Give me a break, all Im asking for is for justice. Justice who should be legal for every human being, just as Mj was and had the right to get.
-Exaclty. Haters "hate" because they have nothing better to do with their lifes but to pick on people. And most of them have a secret crush on the person they "hate" but they are just afraid of admiting it. I just laugh at there faces , that makes them so angry and makes me happy. And either ways, you cant change the way some people think or you´d be just like a terrosist. What is sick is that they talk based on nothing. Based on their ideas of what happend and not the facts. I mean it is a free world but please dont be ignorant.