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I loved and continue to admire Michael's humility, his honesty, his altruism, his shyness, and his unwaivering commitment and concern for the world's people, and for the planet earth. He was so pure, so morally strong and so determined not to hate! How, I use to ask myself, can this extraordinary young man continue from day to day when past employees lied for gain, when boys lied for gain, when the news media attempted to disparage him for gain? Through it all, Michael taught us to look at ourselves in the mirror at those times in order that we might see just how cruel, greedy, selfish, and immoral some of us are, and just how deep these non-virtuous acts ran within our very beings. But they did not learn because if they had, it would not be continuing. Perhaps what his haters and detractors continue to be is jealous of the fact that Michael had an inner moral compass which directed him throughout and that, no matter what, he willingly followed it. This is why we all continue to love and respect him. This is why he lives in our hearts today, will live there tomorrow and forevermore. Currently, cable tv is showing a document which I encourage all of you to watch and to put up on YouTube and every other outlet as well. Click on "Movies" and then on "New Releases" then on "Michael Jackson." There you will find a documentary which, among other things, names two books detailing the truth and debunking the lies and revealing the conspiracies. Tape it! They are factual. The first, REDEMPTION, details factually the conspiracy involving the first accuser's father (Chandler), his attorney, their psychologist, and it appears the prosecutor. It is written by the legal secretary who worked in the laww firm of Chandler's attorney and has first-hand knowledge of the conspiracy. The second book, MICHAEL JACKSON CONSPIRACY, written by Aphrodite Jones, details inside factual information on the trial, the prosecutor, and the conspiracies. BOTH OF THESE SHOULD BE PURCHASED AND SENT TO NEW YORK BEST SELLER'S LIST so the world can know that Michael never molested any child nor did anything improper to any of those who accused him, despite the fact that his insurance paid the first accuser at the urging of a personal injury attorney whose expertise was "settling" cases - Johnny Cochran. The first book is especially important to read and to circulate because that story has yet to be told. While the subsequent accusers had to admit, under oath at the criminal trial, that they lied, the first accuser refused to testify, which is why the book Redemption is important to bring to the public's atttention. It meticulously details the unfolding of the Chandler conspiracy and is a must read! I urge you to hurry and purchase these books before they are taken off of the market by those who continue to try to destroy his name and his legacy. God bless the King of Pop, his family and all devoted fans. We must continue to stand up for this wonderful, magnificent soul and defend his legacy. This is the very least all of us can do for him who gave us so very much.
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It is time for someone to be arrested for the murder of Michael! I do believe there was a conspiracy to kill him. Based upon information and belief, not only is the doctor who administered the drugsi guilty but he had a co-conspirator, I firmly believe. Perhaps if the family brings a wrongful death action against the physician who administered the drugs which led to Michael's demise, much could be learned and subsequently used in a murder trial. It's time! We must not allow this case to remain unsolved nor his murderers to get away with this horrible and unjust crime!!