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Michael's Angels
Who'z Bad?!
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Birthday: (19 years old)
My Connection to Michael
What do you love most about Michael?:
Michael is the best performer the world has ever known.No one can sing like him.No one can dance like him. I love all Michael,s songs.Michael,s music inspires me to dance.I love all Michael,s short films. My favorite is Ghosts.I will keep Michael in my heart,forever.I love Michael, In the Wiz I luv the part when Michael said "Success, fame, and fortune, they're all illusions. All there is that is real is the friendship that two can share."
Love, Love, Love Is The Greatest Show On Earth
Wherever I go, whatever I do
I'll always come home
I'll come home to you
Even though we both know
You're not in my arms
Wherever I go, you're always in my heart
Just you ask, I'll come back
Though we're miles apart
Whatever I do, I'll come to where you are
Wherever I go, whatever I do
I'll always come home
I'll come home to you
Wherever I go, whatever I do
I'll always come home
I'll come home to you
Michael Jackson remains one of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. With 13 Guinness World Records—including one for "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time"—15 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 12 World Music Awards and the sale of over 750 million units worldwide, MJ has also won numerous awards for his humanitarian endeavors and has been honoured by two US Presidents. He has also been named as the artist of "the Decade", "Generation", "Century", and "Millenium" and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002. He is the most awarded artist of all time and has more Guinness World Records than any other artist. Michael,is the first artist to sell 1 million downloads in a week after his death with a record breaking 2.6 million downloads of his songs.
"If We All Cry At The Same Time Tonight."
These poignant words were sang by a true humanitarian, who gave
selflessly and tirelessly during the nearly 5 decades worth of his
musical career. Michael Jackson gave millions of dollars to try to change
things that were wrong in the world, he donated and dedicated countless
hours helping children, raised public awareness on environmental and
animal cruelty, bringing peace into the world, and he started with the
Man in the Mirror, the same thing that we should all strive to do.
Did you ever see Michael in person?:
Favorite Michael Jackson Song:
My Thoughts About Anything:
My Thoughts of you Michael.
As I search my heart and mind
Its always you that I find
From the first time I saw your face
You were like an angel in a state of grace
I was stunned to see how handsome you are
Your eyes shine like stars in the heaven above
Your smile warmed my heart
Your voice is like musical art
I will remember you always.
A Birthday Wish for Michael Jackson

I know this day belongs to you
For upon this day you were born
But being apart on your special day
Leaves my heart shattered and torn

I wanted to give you a special gift
One that would surely last
Something to put a song in my heart
And dry away the tears

I thought perhaps balloons or flowers
To put upon your grave
But I knew that eventually
They would just wither away

I thought about it long and hard
What gift would surely last
Something that you've never had
On your birthday in the past

I realized that such a gift
Couldn't come close to compare
To the grand celebration
That you must be having up there

So I'm sending you a birthday wish
From the bottom of my heart
To give me strength and courage
Everyday that we're apart

I know you're happy in heaven
With no sorrow, tears or pain
But sometimes I'm so lonesome
My tears fall like rain

So on your special day
My wish I send to you
Is someday I'll be with you
When my chores on earth are thru

And as I tarry on thru the years
Hold my wish close to your heart
For God will come and take me home
As long as I do my part

For now I must travel thru life alone
For He isn't ready for me yet
But what a glorious reunion we'll have
When your smiling face I see

So on your birthday this year
My wish I send to you
Keep looking for me, don't give up
For someday I'll be there too
Michael, I Love You.XXX

By Kira Mae -(kiramae1-Dot #249188)
August 29, 2014

Intellect in disarray,
Eloquence falls short, again.
Michael,s, perfect picture, in my mind’s eye,
Words often fail when they aim to describe.

I look in every lexicon,
Delving into dictionaries,
Empty out encyclopaedias,
Thumbing through the thesauri...

I conclude no words compare to Michael,,
Descriptions weak and rarely true.
No word does justice, phrases fail
To truly tell of Michael,s entai