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Michael is "true love" in the most lovely, honest, purest sense. His heart is so full of (genuine love, compassion and kindness) for his fans and for humanity. He is the most extraordinary musical genius, brilliant dancer, inspiring gifted singer/songwriter the world has ever seen.
....yet, Michael, (God Bless His lovely heart & beautiful soul), always remained so gracious, unpretentious and humble. He never took his (magnificent talents) or the love of his fans....for granted. Michael, is the loveliest, most beautiful soul that has ever graced this planet....or ever will. I love him so very, very deeply....from the bottom of my heart, (with all my heart & soul).
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My Thoughts About Anything:
I wish, (with all my heart & soul) that justice will prevail for Michael. I pray so deeply, that Dr. Conrad Murray "will be indicted for (negligent homicide)!!!!"....not manslaughter, as first stated. This is so very painful. Dr. Murray, took a precious, innocent life. Michael, "trusted Dr. Murray to give him the best quality medical care." Dr. Murray, fell far short of this in so many ways. The moment he realized, Michael was unresponsive, i.e.,
(not breathing) ambulance should have been called!!!. According to official documents, Murray waited nearly (an hour and fifteen minutes), before calling for medical help!!!! It saddens me so deeply, because "time was of the essence". I know, (truly in my heart) that Michael,'s precious life, could have been saved "if" only medical help arrived much sooner. This was preventable!!!! I pray will all my heart & soul that Dr. Murray will be stripped of his medical license, permanently and will be imprisoned for (many,many years to come, without the possibly of parole). He has never shown any remorse, much less admit accountability for gross negligence and medical incompetence.