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What do you love most about Michael?:
The expression of his talent throughout his entire being, particularly his hands, one of the most expressive and yet often overlooked talents despite the fact that he used his hands as much as his feet whenever he performed. His music emanated from every part of his body and I've always found his hand movements to be ever bit as mesmerizing as his feet and voice. They are all what made Michael who and what he was...the most passionate performing artist of our time. It is this ability I believe that keeps people from all walks of life irrespective of race or religion, riveted to him and his music. He has that rare ability to stir the blood in voice, in dance and throughout his being.

Last, he was a paradoxical man and being somewhat of a paradox myself I both understood and appreciated that aspect of him. He was different in a good way and that is part of what made him great. I loved the fact that he was different, even controversially so. Birds fly in flocks only eagles can soar alone.
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My Thoughts About Anything:
I can't believe you expect me to have ONE favorite song. I ran out of space trying to list them all. Suffice it to say, there have been few I've not liked. And most that I like have all been since he left the Jackson Five.

I wish he were here today, now. The world is neither a safer nor better place without him. And I hope those that dogged him relentlessly over the attempting to destroy his life and his reputation pay tenfold in the hereafter for their malice. I shall leave their forgiveness up to God as I cannot. Like Michael, I too, am only human making some mistakes along the way and doing the best I can the rest of the time. Maybe that too, was what drew so many to Michael, his humaness in addition to his God-given talent.

I think this project is a wonderful concept and one that Mr. Jackson would have approved of. You need far more advertising to get this site out to more people. I accidentally came across it and wasn't even aware that such a project existed. My guess there are millions that still don't.