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My Connection to Michael
What do you love most about Michael?:
The message of love, giving, peace and hope to people. The the integrity of his heart for people and that love is the common bond. His music inspires people to care enough to do something. For others it rekindles a fire that had died down.
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My Thoughts About Anything:
Michael wanted people to reach out to each other and show love. Even though he is gone, we have his memory and the continued hope that we can and will make a difference. Continue what he believed to be true as well as I, that we can bring love to a higher level, more than the world has ever seen and desperately need. I am glad to see people open their hearts to each other. It is sad that it took Michael's death to open alot more people's eyes but I am glad their eyes are open. Also, those who quietly sat on the side lines are now speaking up! It is never to late t make a change. Let People know "We've Had Enough!"

A Thought to share and encourage!

As I was out today, I came across a magazine cover that read, "100 most influencial people." It listed people from the past to present including Muhammed Ali, Obama and Oprah. Not taking anything away from the people they had listed I was surprised at the later choices. I am not surprised that they did not list Michael Jackson because he is only seen as influencing music or entertainment.

This maybe because people did not miss him or take note of him until he was gone. While he was alive there was so much controversy and mixed emotions surrounding his life that his message of love and humanitarian efforts including his speeches became buried and insignificant.

When Michael died all the world saw was people mourning an entertainer. They saw us singing and dancing and commenting on Thriller, Billie Jean, moonwalks and the likes. Very few people talked about his life outside of music. Very few people knew he had one. They may have known how important the planet was to him because of "Earth Song" and a few other moving songs he sung but even they were over shadowed by everything else.

It is my belief that although Michael did not make the 100 most influencial people's list. He will one day be recognized as contributing so much more then now believed. People will see how much of an impact his "other songs" have made. His passion for children spreaded to how they are loved within their families and the restoration of parent child bond. Michael's reach is international unlike most of the people they have listed including "Oprah." She maybe known internationally but not like Michael.

There is a movement of love taking place here and abroad unlike any other. We are becoming one in the common bond of love and Michael was the catalyst that brought us together. He did his part and we are going to do ours. We are going to take love to another level "I have this dream." We are going to continue to spread love and we don't have to know or see each other to do it.

Michael's passions will be made known and people will be surprised and amazed. I myself in talking to people who have known very little about Michael outside of his "popular" music are floored when I share his least known music and play songs and his speeches that he gave at different venues. I usually get, "I didn't know he did all that!" or He was deep! or If you hadn't told me I would not have known. Now his other music they love even more and can appreciate the message. People are starting to see him differently. It won't be overnight and not everyone will care but it is all right! They just need to know, Michael was more than just music!!!

Don't be moved by what you see, Michael will be known for more than music in the future. Sorry for the long note. I just wanted to share what was in my heart based on what I see and have experienced.
Love In Action - Express it and Show It!
Valarie (Startwinkle)

"The Changing Faces Of Michael Jackson," shared by MotownMJDevotee is beautiful, sad and true.

This is what I felt from her thought provoking message of Michael.

His life, his story, his pain is told in his eyes. His hurt, his lonliness, his emptiness is expressed in his music. His laughter, his joy, his playfulness is to hide the tears he cries far to often. His passion, his embrace, his love, he shows willingly and gives freely just because...

His outward appearances depicts our inward appearances, always searching for that perfect emotion; the one that will make us whole or complete. Our heart condition constantly changing looking for the right connection of acceptance. The exhilaration of a new love. The heartbreak of pain and disappointment. The erratic beat of the unknown locked away behind fear and doubt.

However, love is the study constant. Love is always looking for a way out; a way to been seen and felt. Throughout his changing faces, love always found a way to out and onto others. Love refused to be stifled or buried alive. It was the one constant Michael knew would never change regardless... The love of one for many!

Love In Action - Change Is Inevitable So Make It Count

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The more I sit back view and partcipate in life, the more I love I feel pouring out of me for others.